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Engine type: Komatsu S4D106 (Cylinders: 4)

Engine type: Komatsu S4D106 (Cylinders: 4)

Models: Komatsu WB97S-2, WB140-2, WB140-2N, WB98A-2, WB97S-2, WA115-3, PC95R-2, PC110R-1, PW95R-2, PW110R-1, WB91R-2, WB93R-2, WB97R-2, WB150PS-2, WB140PS-2, WB150AWS-2, WB150-2, WB140-2, WB150WSC-2, WA90-3, WB150-2N, WB150PS-2N, WB140PS-2

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